8 Trustworthy HR and Recruitment Agents in Tanzania that are Worthy Using for a Job Search

    Truthfully recruitment agencies are undeniably increasingly in popularity. More and more companies are heavily relying on the expertise of recruitment agencies for filling vacant positions and/or ( projects sometimes ). But also more and more candidates have been finding their own ways to these agencies !
Yes, that's the process !
In this curated description, you'ill discover which recruitment agencies work in Tanzania that you can wholeheartedly put your trust on.
You can learn different types of recruitment and the benefits of recruitment agencies if you are looking for a new job in another day but today, let's have a look at some of them in brief that commonly work in the recruitment and selection category !.
Recruitment agencies mainly look for suitable candidates for vacant positions with one or more companies and based on a job descriptions, they can search for suitable candidates through their website, network, job fairs, job sites, social media or any other ways of their choice.

A Brief Description On How They Work ! 

When a recruiter finds a potential candidate then he/she will screen the resume, their motivation letters plus other relevant details about the candidate. When there is a potential match between the candidate’s profile and the corporate job descriptions, the recruiter  plans an interview to discuss the skills and needs of the candidate.
If this interview is successful, then the candidate can be invited to an interview with the client. Meanwhile the recruiter will carefully monitor the application process step by step. If the client considers the candidate is appropriate for the vacant position, then he or she may get the job.

Recruitment and selection refers to a type of recruitment agency where a recruitment agent is looking for candidates to fill in permanent positions with a client. The work of the recruitment agency comes to an end once a candidate starts working with his or her new employer ( company ) !
Noteworthy, recruitment and selection is particularly very interesting if you are searching for a permanent job at a specified company in a particular industry. Recruitment and selection is also interesting for companies who have too little time or resources to search for new employees themselves.
Yes, that's time !!!

An expression 'Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed by Peter Drucker  says it all'

Now what are some of these recruitment agents operating legally in Tanzania ?

Let's have a look at some of them !!!

1. Shughulika Africa Limited.

This is one of the most active recruitment agent in Tanzania. Some of the companies that have been using Shughulika recruitment is Simera Transport Limited.

According to their website Shughulika Africa Limited was established in 2008 as Shughulika Recruitment and it has now metamorphosed into Shughulika Africa Limited.Shughulika Africa Limited claims to have over 10 years industry experience, and has always stood out as a quality service provider. Their core service of  is Recruitment.
More details of this agent and the roles they play can easily be accessed via their website Shughulika Africa Limited

2. CV People Africa
This is the recruitment agent with the wide network across the Africa continent.
Apart from recruitment role, they also provide Jobs adverts across the continent, Tanzania inclusive.
More details of the this company are accessible via the link CV People Africa

3.  Radar Recruitment Tanzania
It's also one of the active agents in the recruitment arena you can trust. According to their website, this company was founded in 2004.
You can access more of this HR Solutions provider details via the link radar recruitment.

4. Empower Limited

This agent relies mostly on recruitment, Training and Consultancy with their slogan, 

“Stay focused, positive and trust in Empower’s experienced recruitment team”You can join their movement via the link Empower Limited

5. People Power Limited

According to their LinkedIn Handle, People Power is one of Tanzania's leading consulting firms that endeavors to provide world-class human resources and education services tailored to the Tanzanian market.
And their great aim is to continually inspire excellence in people and organisations by striving to create a positive Human Resources experience through balancing organisational needs with the well-being of individuals.More information visit this LinkedIn Handle

6. Erolink Limited

As of their LinkedIn Profile, EROLINK Limited (“Erolink”) deals mainly with Education, Recruitment, and Outsourcing Link in Tanzania. They offer professional and effective services to their clients and employees, and take pride in sourcing and outsourcing the best talents and premium staff locally and internationally to suit the required business needs.
This company was founded in 2003.
To know more visit them via the link Erolink

7. ITM Tanzania Recruitment Services

The future and success for all, Yes their slogan says ! 

According to their website ITM Tanzania Limited is the East African division of the ITM AFRICA Group of companies which is a  a respected, multi-faceted service provider to different sectors throughout Africa.
Their main roles are to provide turn-key solutions to their clients and allowing them to focus on their core business as well as increasing their profitability.
Know more about ITM Africa them by visiting their website via the link 

8. HR Solutions Tanzania

This is also one of the recruiting agent operating in Tanzania.
Get more of their details via HR Solutions Tanzania
Do you think we have forgotten any reputable recruitment agent that can be of great help to most Job seekers ?

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