11+ Highest Plasma Donation Centers Near Me That Pay The Most Money Now – 2021

You can make money donating blood. Yes, Just like you and me!

But, This is not for free, you can earn money in your nearest area while helping people by donating plasma.

Mostly, Many medical companies require plasma as one of the components in producing medicines and for treatments. This is the real reason plasma is in a very high demand right now.

Remember, Plasma can’t be manufactured as of now. So, should companies do ?

In this case, medical companies and institutions have chosen to spend money on plasma donation centers.

Is it Really Better to Donate Blood or Plasma ?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes”

Why ?

In a Nutshell, Plasma as analysed above is used by medical companies for a variety of medical therapies and treatments of diseases. These diseases include autoimmune disorders and hemophilia as well.

Other vital importance include the treatment of trauma, burns, shock as well as other medical emergencies.

Pro Tip: Plasma donation process is of big importance that helps lots of people around the globe. It’s very important for you to donate plasma as it’s used in treatment of adults and children suffering from Leukemia and blood cancer. Plasma also helps victims with life-threatening burns and bone marrow transplants.

As you can see, donating Plasma is one of the best humanitarian action you can make, but other benefits for you is the money you can make. 

You can earn more money monthly as a Plasma donor with easy. But, how ?

Keep reading.

Do Plasma Donation Really Pay?

In most cases,the answer is Yes. You can donate Plasma and get money. But, Plasma centers will not actually pay you for the plasma. That means, you’ll be donating it via Plasma donation center (s).


Plasma donation center (s) tend to compensate Donors for their time, efforts as well as their expenses to travel to donate plasma. In other words, Plasma donation center (s) help you generously to make sure that you remain healthy after donating plasma.

As the result, these kind of incentives paid by these Plasma donation center (s) attract a ton of Americans towards plasma donation. And, If you have made a decision to donate then it’s better to know the highest paying plasma donation center (s).

At TaskRaha, We have compiled the “Highest paying plasma center (s ) near me” – Check out below to see our top rated picks.

Let’s get started.

11+ Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center (s) You Probably Didn’t Know.

To begin with: There’re a ton of plasma donation centers across the United States to choose from. Before, We have a detailed list of all the centers, check out their quick overview shown on the table below.

#Plasma Donation CenterMonthly Payments ( in USD )
1.CSL Plasma, Inc400
2.Grifols PlasmaUp to 200
3.BioLife Plasma Services50 ( Per Donation )
4.Octapharma Plasma50 ( Per Donation )
5.The Interstate Companies50 ( Per Donation )
6.BPL PlasmaUp to 300
7.B Positive PlasmaEarn Up to 500
8.KedplasmaUp to 300
9.ImmunotekPayment varies ( Provides a $20 Coupon for any referral you make )
10.Biotest Plasma Center45 ( Per Donation )
11.GCAM Plasma40 ( Per Donation )
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Here’s a full manuscript of all the Plasma Donation Center (s) you can choose from. Take note that, you’re not yourself. However, For a more review of some of the Plasma donors, read this Thread from Reddit.

Let’s go.

1– CSL Plasma, Inc.

CSL Plasma Inc. ranks among the world’s topmost collectors of human plasma. They supply plasma to several hospitals across America and often, to healthcare facilities in different countries.

As a regular plasma donor, you can earn up to $400 per month from CSL Plasma Inc. They credit the money to a prepaid debit card.

CSL Plasma also awards iGive points for every plasma donation that is redeemable for extra cash.

Plasma Inc. ranks among the world’s topmost collectors of human plasma. They supply plasma to several hospitals across America and often, to healthcare facilities in different countries.

As a regular plasma donor, you can earn up to $400 per month from CSL Plasma Inc. They credit the money to a prepaid debit card.

CSL Plasma also awards iGive points for every plasma donation that is redeemable for extra cash.

To learn more about Donating to CSL Plasma and finding out your nearest center , kindly click here.

2– Grifols Plasma.

This is also one of the highest paying donation center (s). Their payment rates vary depending on the center.But, in most cases Donors tend to earn up to $200.

However, according to the company you’ll make up to $200 monthly once your plasma is used to help in making medicine

Apart from earning cash as a Plasma Donor, Grifols also pays you any referrals you make. Refer to friend, get rewarded!

For more of the Grifols as one of the Plasma Donation center (s), click here.

Notable Tips

Basically, Plasma collection center (s) work under very strict standards and ethics. As the Plasma Donor you’re advised to read carefully all the instructions before taking any action.

When in doubt, try to be real. Kindly seek for medical advice. Following these standards will help you remain safe and healthy after donation.

Noting that, Plasma donation Services is part and parcel of Takeda. Which is a global biotechnology institution that specializes in the treatment of rare diseases.

3 – BioLife Plasma Services

When it comes to BioLife Plasma Services,the company pays $50 per donation. It’s also a part of Takeda. Learn more about what Takeda does here.

BioLife Plasma Services provides a room for you to donate plasma twice weekly. And in it’s convenience, it  provides a BioLife Reloadable Debit Card used for money depositing.

BioLife Plasma Services also provides a referral program whereby when you refer a friend for donation you earn a full compensation. With their Buddy Raffle program you can be rewarded between $100 to $200 monthly.

For more about BioLife Plasma Services and locating your nearest center, click here

4 – Octapharma Plasma

Octapharma Plasma services pay $50 per donation. You can make money depending on a number of factors.

As of now, Octapharma as the company pays almost $250 as the new Donor. And this is for their first five plasma donations. .

For more details about how you can make money and the nearest Plasma donation centers, visit their website here

5 – BPL Plasma

This company is simply the part of Bio Products Laboratories which is a UK-based biotech company. You can earn up to $300 every month from BPL Plasma.

Apart from making money as the Plasma Donor, you can also additionally earn more money by referring to a friend.

When it comes to compensation, they also have a Buddy Raffle program that help Donors earn rewards of up to $100 and $200.

For more of the Plasma Donation center (s) near you, explore here.

6– Biotest Plasma Center

You can earn more money donating Plasma Biotest Plasma Center of up to $48 per day. The company also operates a referral program. Refer a friend or relative to earn extra money.

In addition to that, Biotest Plasma center provides an attractive monthly promotions in all it’s centers.

For more of the Biotest Plasma center, nearest donation centers, please kindly click here

7– Immunotek

With Immunotek, you can enjoy an offer of up to $20 coupon for successful referrals. The company donor compensation heavily depends on your center of choice.

However, you can earn a $20 bonus by just referring their service to a friend.

Immunotek has a number of plasma donation center (s) in all these states: Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Tennessee. Visit their website here, to learn more about Immunotek

8 – GCAM Plasma

Another Plasma Donating center (s) is GCAM Plasma. The company pay range from $25 to $30. It also operates in Canada and Mexico.

They also run a loyalty program for all returning Plasma donors. For more about GCAM Plasma Donors and their nearest centers, visit their website here.

9 – B Positive Plasma

Another Plasma donating company is B positive Plasma.It pays up to $500 monthly. B Positive Plasma also helps Plasma donors with up $500 a month for just successful referrals

Their Plasma donation center (s) are all over Maryland and New Jersey states. Learn more about B Positive Plasma here.

10 – Kedplasma

With Kedplasma every center operates under own policy for donor compensation. Try to research and ask about how much they pay at your near operating center..

Sources from other Donors, hints that Kedplasma pays about $400 monthly.

You’ll get paid in form of Wirecard prepaid card. The company also runs in the United States a special program,that is Anti D- for people living around Buffalo, New York.

Learn more about Kedplasma and locate all the the nearest Plasma donation center (s) here.

11– The Interstate Companies

According to the Thread starter at Reddit, The Interstate Companies pays up to $50 for every donation, and for the their first five donations. Afterwards, they were earning $25 to $35 per each donation.

Additionally, Thread starter on this Reddit confesses that he made $360 in a month. That is:

  • $35 ( First visit )
  • $45 ( Second visit ),
  • as well as $10 bonus on the 8th visits.
    • He agrees that, you can make $75 for the first frequent donations.

The interstate plasma donation center(s) are all over Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois. Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania,Maryland, North Carolina and Florida.

For more Plasma donation center (s) learn more from the video below here.

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After all of these, I think you now know where to start making the most money.

Final Thoughts

You can make tons of money at Plasma donation center(s) in case you get serious about it. All available hospitals with collection apparatus can do it as they need it urgently.

For anything relating to Plasma donation center (s), please kindly share.

Make the most of it, become a hero while making money!

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