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Here at AjiraAlerts Job Adverts from different media outlets, companies and
Organisations ( whether Governmental, Public or International ),
institutions, and NGOs are sourced, compiled and published Free of Charge and no one is forced to pay a dime  to access this portal.
At AjiraAlerts users are made aware that they are solely responsible for
all the comments they publish on this site and the moderator can in
combating harmful conduct reserve the right to remove any
inappropriate contents that breach our Terms of Service or is against our
affiliates or advertisers like abusive and dangerous activities that
harm the safe use of this portal's ethics and integrity.

 Keeping safe in "Job Hunting" Smarter Job seekers are advised to follow
all the INSTRUCTIONS and PROCEDURES as per advertised vacancies and
NEVER PAY A DIME for their CURRICULUM VITAE or RESUMES be pushed forward.
All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that all Job openings and
other quality articles published on this blog are Genuine, Legit and Up to date. Noteworthy AjiraAlerts
 doesn't work as a recruiting agent,

 We cannot guarantee YOU that any messages and applications you make will be delivered, received, read or acted upon.

On a serious Note again, as we ensure that all Job Adverts in this portal are accurate and up-to date, Job hunters are sensitized that AjiraAlerts only publishes Job Adverts and never works as a recruiting agent and thus it will never be responsible in anyway for any Job application, applied after reading the adverts on our portal.  For any Inquiries , opinions or recommendations, contact us via Ajiraalerts@gmail.com or you can altenatively use one of our social Network Handles !

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