How to Secure any Prestigious Job of Your Choice in Tanzania Without Big Hassles ( Number 4 will Blow Your Mind ) !

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Most Job seekers have been undergoing  hardships in landing Jobs due to lack of techniques of the Jobs that work !!

Exactly !!

Want to know them ?!!

What i'm going to tell you, will in no time land you a Job in your next interview if you apply some of the moves described here beneath. Just employ these strategies and watch the best of you comes to life. Quit the 'Blame Game' as it doesn't pay.

If you earned something each time you ask yourselves the question 'Why i can't find  job' Your money problems would disappear, right ?

             The Key Strategies ( Principles ) of Successful Job  Hunting.

1. Apply Job Search Techniques that Work !

Answering want ads , letter postings and billboards is a complete waste of space and time, instead focus on 'Developing relationships through Networking, referrals, informational interviewing and recruiters. This technique will highly get you closer to.if not right on top of the ideal Job.

2. Keep Your Curriculum Vitae Detailed and Updated All the Time !

All your details that your prospective boss wants to see in your CV must be included as per the Job advertisement.
Descriptions like 'Your personal details, educational background. Job experience, recommendations letters. extra- curricular skills, leaderships skills and more of importance.

3. Focus ( Step by Step ) and be Action -oriented.

The life business is crowded with millions of things to deal with, places to look, people to talk to, so if not carefully, they can get you off the track !
As a smarter Job seeker, you should know the score and design and implement a Game Plan that includes setting a specific and attainable goals, actions to take everyday or week and a system to track their progress.
When off the track, don' t quit instead make adjustments that will get you back on track !

4. Get Used to Rejection, It's Normal

Keep highly motivated in the time of frustration and rejection as anybody you see a her today, got rejected sometimes. Never give up but instead to get successful, you should use the situation as a stepping stone or for positive learning experience. Don't ever let the fear of rejection get in the way of your progress. Stick to your plan and don't ever give up during Job search.

5. Use reputable Mentors and Help Desks when Needed !!

Yes, you must know when to ask for help.

Conversely, successful job seekers know it that they can't do it alone. They stack the odds in favor by adding some outside of help to their Job search campaign. They plan to be accountable to someone other than themselves that helps themselves get a different point of view, or perspective on their progress or challenges.

Only seek out support from people you know they care about your progress.

6. Sharpen Your Best Skills 

Learning is a lifelong process and the world fast and keep changing everyday. If you You update yourself with some skills apart from your those in your academic distinction - will help you stand out fro other Job seekers.

Yes, Keep Smarter ..............!!!!!!

Noteworthy, implementing a solid action plan, sticking to your goals and seeking help when you need it the most puts you in charge of your own destiny. Iron sharpens iron - the expression says.
Simply put, You're just a few steps close to being a success.

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