You Won't Succeed in Job Interviews, Unless You Employ These 6 BOLD Strategies !!

Greetings Folks !

Have you been shortlisted many times but no Job ?

Have you ever attended many Job interviews but nothing good happens ?

You might be missing something.

You might be making some mistakes by falling prey into little tricky questions.

This has been a very great challenge to most Job seekers that makes them stress more after rejection.

They sometimes think the sky is falling.


Dust off yourself and get back the drawing table. Something good is prepared for you !
Strike the iron when it's hot.

With all the processes which have become a hard nut to crack, what to do about it ?

Keep reading !

What are the strategies ?

Here they are,

1. Dress to Impress.

In an interview room, you need to enter with professional look and  corporate.
Try to avoid skinny or rip jeans, tight garments or with horror pictures and the likes.

2. Only Use Professional Contacts ( The use of Initials are non recommendable ).

When in writing or asked about your personal details, avoid the use of details that may likely discredit your personality.
Don't use abbreviations that are known only to you and probably your family members.
Never mix both American and English languages whether in spoken or written questions.
E-mails like, and the likes are NEVER recommended instead your E-mails should be simple and professional (, ).

3.Boost Your Confidence ( A number one Personal Asset ).

You can practice public speaking whether in your own room or in crowds especially in spoken English before attending interviews. This skill is so important, that even billionaire Warren Buffet once took a public-speaking course, so why shouldn't you ?

4. Improve Your Communication Skills

This skill, you can learn through attending seminars, through various online courses or via YouTube Tutorials.

5. Humble-brag About Your Skills and Accomplishments

It's okay to brag about your skills, make it very smart without sounding like a show off.
Don't talk too much and never be a know-it-all interviewee

6. Research Your Prospective Employer.

If you know nothing about the company you're going for an interview, you'll be asked the questions that will make you frustrated  - thus failure !
Know at least what's their pay scale and everything first-hand that comes your way.
Updating more often in your areas of professionalism is of vital importance.

More power to you !

Great articles are underway.

Cheers !

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