FURSA ! | Fresh Graduate Internships Opportunities at Standard Chartered Bank 2020 | International Graduate Programme for Young Africans

Application Deadline: September 30th 2019


The Standard Chartered Bank International Graduate Programme is ~18 months long, including 4 weeks of induction, 11 months of training rotations and 6 months of business rotations. Internships are 10 weeks long.
Global Banking supports clients financial needs across more than 60 markets, providing solutions to over 5,3000 clients in some of the world’s fastest-growing economies and most active trade corridors.


For our Graduate roles, you must have an undergraduate degree and be eligible to work permanently in the country that you are applying to. If you’re applying for a role in the UAE, we may consider applications from nationals of Middle East and North African countries.

For our Internships, you must be in your second to last year of study to apply. We will accept applications from final year students who are required to complete mandatory National or Military Service after graduation. 
To apply for an Internship position, you must have the legal right to work on a permanent basis in the country for which you’re applying for the full duration of the internship. If you’re applying in the US, you must have the legal right to work on a permanent basis. We are unable to apply for work permits for any Internship.

As English is the business language of Standard Chartered across the world, you need to be able to speak business-level English. Being able to speak more than one language would be an advantage.

Application Process

What the application process involves

There are a few steps to the application process.

Below should help you understand what you’ll need to prepare for each stage:

Short application form

When you complete the online form, you can include:


Educational experience

Work or volunteering experience and dates

A personal statement:

What you’ll bring to the role

Why SCB is your preferred choice. What makes us different?

Skills and experiences from your studies that you’ll bring to your role with Standard Chartered
Specifics of your work, volunteering or community experience that you’ll bring to your role with Standard Chartered

For More Information:

Visit the Official Web page of the Standard Chartered Bank 2020 Internship International Graduate

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