[ Update ] Tanzania OPRAS Form ( Downloadable Yet Simple PDF File Attached , OPRAS Mpya 2020 )


Yes, today let's have a look at the Tanzania Open Performance Review and Appraisal Form ( OPRAS Form )

This is the system that has been of very great help as it has been of vital alternative to most prestigious public service institutions. It's a great replacement to formal systems that is more accurate and easy to use.


What is OPRAS and How is Completely Filled ?

Open Performance Review and Appraisal System refers to an open yet formally and systematically drafted procedures keenly designed to be of great help to employers and employees when evaluating, planning, management and ultimately realising their true performance  improvements reached. All for the aim of achieving the set organisational goals.

OPRAS  mainly targets at discovering and documenting the available top talents ( potential ) and overall impacts brought about by individual performances, This helps the public institutions to effectively and efficiently take measures that will result into government systems performance as a whole.

                                Quick Guide On How to Fill The OPRAS Form 

After learning a thing or two about the OPRAS Form, let's have a look at how are forms filled.

Just a Quick but Clear Guide .

1- OPRAS Must Smartly be filled by all employees in Public Service Institutions.

This must be conducted at the end of the year for principal officers and above. Note that, this form once completely filled, the Original form must carefully be sent to the permanent Secretary, copy ( duplicate ) to the heads of the respective organisation and the rest ( triplicate ) to the concerned public servant.

In case of other employees ( that is senior officers and below ). the original copy should be sent to their respective Chief Executive Officers ( CEO ), copy to the ministry and the rest to the public servant concerned as usual.

2- Where applicable, each empty box must consists of one letter or relevant figure. Ensure that letters must be capital letters.

3- Individual agreements must be derived from the concerned organisation's work plan, that includes strategic plan, Annual Operations Plans ( Action Plan ) that is expected to be implemented the same year.

4- Notably Sections 2, 3 and 4 must be filled by the Appraisee after consulting the Supervisor and sections 5 and 6 should be filled in the presence of the third part as it's mostly recommended.

  N.B Appraisals that are rated 1 stands as 'best performers' while those  5-rated are 'worst performers'
This should be kept in mind by all both the top management and the Chief Executive Offices of the respective organisations.

                    Download | OPRAS Form Simple PDF File Attachment

                    Dowmload | OPRAS Form Simple PDF File Attachment

Best of Luck.

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