[ Jobs Loading 2020 ] Ajira Tanzania: Government Pledges to Employ 40,000 Idle Graduates ( Plus 800 Degree - Holder JKT Recruits )

The year 2019 is heading to an end and almost everything is going to start afresh. Even with government jobs ( Ajira Tanzania ) as pressed by the Chief Secretary concerned Mr. Ndumbaro.

Now Tanzania Jobless graduates have got every reason to be happy as hopes that seemed to fade away is back - gains momentum !
With exception of some of the few vacancies normally advertised by the government owned Ajira Portal, massive vacancies that used to be saving thousands of graduates in both the Health sector and the Education sector weren't as advertised as expected.

That's what we call 'Massive Nafasi za Kazi' are expected soon, from February 2020.

If all the things go as planned, we're going to witness a massive 40,000 Government Job vacancies starting from February 2020 especially in Health sector and Education.

Speaking from the Capital city of Dodoma, in December 23rd 2020 President Magufuli also ordered 800 Recruits at Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa ( JKT ) be registered in the Employment system as what they were doing was patriotism of the highest order.

The Concerned Chief Secretary directed the beneficiaries to keep all the required documents in order and get ready to enjoy the offer given.

He even stressed that, they should be sure that employment is their right and every one with the right documents as advertised will land the offer.

More information to come ....................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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