[ Shocking ] How Guys who Wash Taxis By the Taxi Ranks Make and Bank R 550 Daily !!

One Day i went to these Guys who tend to wash the so called Taxis by the Tax Ranks. My great aim was to ensure my Car is properly washed.

Being Inquisitive, I started a conversation with one of the Guy so i could learn a bi about how they run their their enterprises.

I asked him how much he makes daily from his task as a Car washer ?

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Shockingly; He said he banks almost R550 every morning in the next day, that is R 2750 a week !!!

Wonderful .........................!!!!!!

Need more ...................!!!

He said he always buys his material in bulk at a cost of R 800 a month.

And He is making R 10,200 a month.

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This Just got me thinking a lot that, once you spot an entrepreneurial gap somewhere you can make a lot of money and have a proper living by just doing this kind of business.

This amount of money can't be earned by even a Pep Warehouse Clerks on monthly basis !!

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You know what ?

Let's stop being lazy black nation and start seeking for these kind of gaps and create a decent future for both us and our children.

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Yeah !!

Just a Thought !!

From a Messenger.

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