[ Revealed] Insurance and Financial Services Top The High Paying Jobs in Tanzania According to The National Bureau of Statistics ( NBS )

Would you like to get paid handsomely ....................?

Have you ever caught in a dilemma about who are the most paid employees in Tanzania ?

Is it Manufacturing, Education, Public Administration, Defense and Securities, Human Health or Social securities ?

It's Official: 

Employees in both the Insurance sector and Financial services are the highly paid ones.
They are closely followed by those working in the quarrying and mining sectors. The NBS report shows.

Quick Facts Revealed by the Survey.

         1 - Workers in the Accommodation and Food Industry Services are lowly paid.

        2 - In the Insurance and Finance sectors, approximately 27.8% of employees get paid no less than Tanzania shillings 1,500,000 per month.

        3 - The second high paying jobs after Insurance and Financial services are Quarrying and mining Industry.

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      4 - Agriculture, fishing and forestry workers earn less than Tanzania shillings 300,000 as it is for Accommodation and Food services.

Human health, social work activities, education, transport and construction sectors also tends to pay more wages according to the survey by the National Bureau of Statistics.

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