[ ICYMI ] Is it True that South African ( Mzansi ) Women Prefer Nigerian Men to Their South African Counterparts ?

Just like in romantic movies, romance or we can say pure romance has been something of great importance to all mankind. Some have been undergoing online dating on free dating sites but some not.

Do you really know some of the South African free dating sites, you share with us here.

For really. The DEBATE is HOT ................Really HOOOOOOOOOOOOT !!

Yes, It's an ongoing online love discussion that, is it really South African ladies prefer Nigerian men to our Mzansi brothers ( The Xhosa, Zulu etal ?

Is this online discussion worth it ?

Here we have tried to highlight in details the things we know so far that may be of help .............!!!

That's some FACTS though, to add up to this trendy story !!

                 FACT CHECK 1: What do South African Ladies Love that is in Nigerian Men ?

Do Nigerian men have money, FAME or Security ?

  1. They are money spenders ?
  2. Travels ( especially during festive seasons )
  3. Hard workers
  4. Confidence as a man
  5. Marriage promises ( That helps them secure papers )

            FACT CHECK 2:  Gentleman ship & Manhood

  1. Security ( Both Physically and Financially ?
  2. Culture ( Perception )
  3. Experience ( A Fighting Spirit )
What do Nigerian men get in return ?

Off course, they mainly tend to focus on:

  1. Love affairs
  2. Marriage
  3. Peppers ( Permanent Residence )

What"s your really take on this ?

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Final Words !!

Love doesn't ask why guys, so don't get it twisted and it's always a beautiful thing.

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