[ Get Smarter ] Get to Know The Companies with The Most Paid Internships Opportunities in Tanzania

Freshers and Graduates have been struggling hard to find some institutions they can do their their internships,after completing their university or college studies.

But how can you get up early in the morning and go to work that doesn't pay a dime ?

Yes, An Internship Job that make you earn even a penny for Daladala Fare, attend Tea Room or Just supporting you for a thing or two ?

Sometimes It feels very weird.

At AjiraAlerts, We have tried to compile some companies, institutions and helpful tips anyone can use to easy his life as an intern.

                    Institutions or Companies with Frequent Intern Job Openings

Some institutions where you can try when searching for Internship Opportunities are;

          1- Mohamed Enterprises Tanzania Limited Internship Program

The company owned by billionaire Mohamed Dewji has been providing this opportunity for so long in such a way that many graduates hve passed in their hands.

You can access their Intern openings via the link MeTL Internships.

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          2- International Organisations ( CBOs, NGOs and FBOs )

So far, Non Governmental Organisations have been of great help to the people when it comes to providing working opportunities.

These organisations have advertising most of their Vacancies in their websites, and we have been sharing them here. We suggest you keep visiting us for more accurate updates.

         3 - Government Organisations.

Health Fields Practitioners have been directly posted to Government Organisations, just after completing their years of study in colleges.

What a luck !

But we should keep in mind that coding is also the most thought after after skill right now.
With the skill, you can work anywhere.

          3- Foreign Embassies

More Embassies in the country, more opportunities.

Keep updating yourselves via their websites or here as we keep you highly updated.

You can read Some vacancies are as they published here.

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Keep visiting this website for more internships Job Openings in Tanzania.

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