6 SKILLS That are TRICKY to Learn BUT Will PAY You OFF Forever !! ( Number 6 Might Get You Surprised ! )

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What you are going to learn will definitely change your perception about very great concepts that are really worthy in life if you put it to practice.

It's a breakthrough in indeed.

You might be a professional lawyer, respected tutor, university don, social worker, security guard or whatever your professional you name it.

The SKILLS Im going to share with you today here in are of very great importance that i wish everybody on our mother earth would have read post !!
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Here are Skills.

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1. Spiritual Life Skills.

So whether you're an Agnostic, Atheist or a believer, religion might help you in some way.

Sometimes when our spirits are high, we get motivated to achieve our dreams or any goals of our choice.

We just need to keep it simple and embrace diversity as we're born different backgrounds and live in different backgrounds.

2. Leadership Skills.

In no need of being a leader ?

How about leading yourself or your family ?

Can you hire a skilled person for that ?

Yes, leadership skills are very important in life.

It's a skill that will help you adhere to deadlines, stick to your dreams and accomplish everything in life - without it, all efforts of your choice will let your plans go down the drain.

3. Basic Accounting Packages.

A smarter modern millennial must know at least the basic concepts in accounts ( at least balance sheets, Income statements and Cash Flow ).

Yes, You know we all earn money in one way or the other.

We need to keep budget, save and spend the rest.

4. Banking and Finance.

When we earn money and save some whether  in banks, SACCO, VICOBA or whatever the name is, our savings are liable to some compulsory charges.

Most banks charge insurance fees, Appraisals, Processing fees, account maintenance commissions, accrue interest charges ( arrears accounts ), Late remittance charges and premature loan clearance charges.

How about if you save your money in a financial entity with wrong bank with exorbitant charges ?

Your HARD earned cash will be overcharged to ZERO !!

5. Entrepreneurship Skills.

Every body is trading something - whether service or products !!

Entrepreneurship skills will help you value your time, negotiate best deals and income doing what you love the most. It's something that when you master in life, you'll end being rewarded handsomely and build wealth.

6. Information and Computer Technology

This skill will help you stay updated with everything that's going on in the world, identify scams and fake news.

Above all, you can learn new skills that will impact your life positively.

Most skills of the future heavily depends on computer skills usage. Whether simple basic concepts, Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) , Block chain, or Internet of Things ( IoT ).

Strive Masiyiwa a South Africa's based Zimbabwean billionaire has been talking about these skills of the future fo so song when shaping the mindsets of young African entrepreneurs through his Facebook page, town halls and boot camps.

We need to learn as smartly and hard as we can as if ALL our life depends on it.

Most successful people ( entrepreneurs and professionals keep reading day in day out, a habit that sharpens their minds and make them active.

Bill Gate ( Co-founder, Microsoft ) has been sharing the books he has been reading every year in his personal website Gates Notes.

And off course with that it is better to imitate this incredible behavior if at all, we would like to be successful in life and being ahead of the game..

Thank you for Reading.

Next time, we'll share with you some of the recommended sites, YouTube channels and books you can visit, so you can learn most of the great concepts in any important field of your choice including:

  •  Khan Academy, 
  • Udemy, 
  • Coursera, 
  • Code.org, 
  • Lynda.com, 
  • Quora, 
  • edx.com, 
  • Reddit and

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