[ Revealed ] How The Genius Businessman Mohammed Dewji ( MO ), The Tanzania's Youngest Only Billionaire is Giving Said Salim Bakhresa ( SSB ) Sleepless Nights !!

Photo | Mohammed Dewji

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Today, I would like to have you grasp few details of one of the greatest entrepreneur this country has ever had, as we used to live in a socialist country where all the economic means were owned by the Government.

Now, as the country is changing more and more for the better, more innovative entrepreneurs have been flocking to the country for investments and other developmental endevours.

Here comes Mohammed Dewji, Yes a Tanzanian Businessman popularly known as MO.

Mohammed Dewji ( Popularly known as MO ) returned from the United States of America for the purpose of joining the family business, that's Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited ( MeTL ) a company started by his father in the late 1970s.

The George Town University Alumni came with all the energy of transforming everything the 21st century business needs !!

Mohammed Dewji has been venturing into so many business that were previously dominated by Said Salim Bakhresa ( The Owner of Azam Flagship brand ) but with very technical strategies - he set up products targeting low income communities with a a range of price sensitive techniques !

Imagine, How can sane person leave  320 ml of an Energy Drink  ( MoXtra ) with only Tsh 500  for a 300 ml of Azam Energy owned by the Bakhresa Group with Tsh 600 ?!!

Is this not the William Pondstone Marketing strategy ? - Yes, Talk about the volume and see the results.

These waves he is making in the Tanzania's business environment keeps pushing him forward, leaving his competitors far away.

                                     Quick Details About Mohammed Dewji.

Mohammed Dewji is the Owner and Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) of MeTL Group, a diversified company started by his father back in 1970s. Today the company has grown to more than 1 USD Billion  with a presence in 11 countries such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC ).

At Ajira Alerts Tanzania, We congratulate the Boss for employing more than 24,000 people in the country and still counting.

At a glance, let's have a look at where his portfolio lie as a businessman with a very keen eye when it comes to investment opportunities.

                                 Which Areas Have Been Working Wonders for The Great Man ?

What are they ?

They are as listed below !!

  • Trading ( Wholesale and Retails )
  • Manufacturing ( Sops, Detergents, Flour, Match Boxes, Drinks, Textiles, Sisal )
  • Finance and Insurance   
  • Agriculture ( Tea, Coffee, Cashew Nuts, Pegion Peas, Sisal )
  • Energy and Petroleum
  • Logistics and Haulage
  • Empty Container Depots     
  • Real Estate
  • Export and Import ( Impex Enterprises )
What's lucrative sector do you think that's left ?

Banking and Telecommunication  ?

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You guessed right ?

These are two areas where Mohammed Dewji thinks has been lagging behind in investing earlier in the sectors,

Mohammed Dewji is also a soccer fan, with that hae has heavily invested in a Simba Sports Club, a Football Club loved by many in East and Central Africa.

We also expect him to shift his mindset to Technology as it's something very lucractive in the near future. The South Africa's based Zimbabwean born Billionaire  Strive Masiyiwa has been heavily investing in the sector especially when it comes to start ups !!

He has launched a number of start ups recently like SasaiVaya Africa and still counting !!

Fro his facebook page,  Strive Masiyiwa has been mentoring ambitious Africa's Youth with very inspiring practically based entrepreneurial knowledge free of charge.

                   Other Top All Time Richest People in Tanzania, United Republic
                                      ( Orodha Ya Matajiri Tanzania )

   1. Mohammed Dewji

           NET WORTH : 2.1 US Billion Dollars

           Source: Diversified

2. Rostam Aziz

             NET WORTH: 1 US Billion Dollars

             Source: Diversified, Investments

3. Said Salim Bakhresa

             NET WORTH: 650 Million Dollars

              Source: Diversified

4. Reginald Mengi ( The Late )

             NET WORTH: 560 US Million Dollars

             Source: Media, Diversified

5. Ally Awadh

            NET WORTH: Undisclosed

             Source: Oils

6. Shekhah Kanabar

           NET WORTH: Undisclosed

           Source: Diversified

7. Subash Patel

           NET WORTH: Undisclosed

           Source: Steels, Drinks

8. Ghalib Said Mohammed ( GSM)

          NET WORTH: Undisclosed

          Source: Diversified

9. Fida Hussein Rashid

         NET WORTH: Undislosed

         Source: Diversified

10. Yusuf Manji

           NET WORTH: Undisclosed

          Source: Real Eastate

11. Yogesh Maneck

          NET WORTH: Undisclosed

         Source: Financial Services

12. Abdulaziz Abood

           NET WORTH: Undisclosed

           Source: Media, Transportation

13. Haroun Zackaria

          NET WORTH: Undisclosed

          Source: Diversified

14. Ally Mufuruki

           NET WORTH: 110 US Million Dollars

           Source: Investments

15. Michael Shirima

          NET WORTH: Undisclosed

          Source: Precision Air

You can follow their footsteps if you're not !!

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