JamiiFoums: How Smarter Users has Been Using it To Make Money and Build a Fortune

JamiiForums is a very great Tanzania-based online whistle-blowing networking website that was founded in 2006.

Upon being of help the forum has been of great help to many. It provides a sphere of space to those who has been denied their rights to expressions.

According to  Wikipedia, the Forum founded by Maxence Melo and Mike Mushi has been undergoing ups and downs. Threatened more times by the Tanzania Government due to it's contents submitted by members.

The Networking Forum uses the slogan "As a User Generated Content" to avoid some penalties usually facing the mainstream media.

Going With the Slogan The Home of Great Thinkers, JamiiForums consists of sub-forums that makes it's use more accessible and easy.

                                 How to Make Money from the Forum ?

The simple and quick way to make from the Forum is selling either your service or product.

Common services sold at JamiiForums are Personal Shopping, Programming Services, Graphic Designing, Products Re sale, Shipping products, Virtual Assistance and Accountancy services. You can also try to solve people's problems in the JF Doctor and earn little bucks !

Hugely Known for it's political contents, but As of today, the mostly used sub-forums in JamiiForums are:

                                     1 - Jukwaa la Siasa

This is accesed via Jukwaa la Siasa and enjoy the discussion in Tanzania politics.

                                    2- Jukwaa la Habari na Hoja Mchanganyiko.

This can be accessed via Jukwaa la Habari na Hoja Mchanganyiko

                                    3 - Celebrities Forum

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Access it via Celebrities Forum

                                    4 - Jamii Intelligence

Want to know what it takes be a spy ?

Join the discussion here Jamii Intelligence.

                                    5 - Jukwaa la Biashara na Uchumi

Learn more about business skills, Get mentored via the link Jukwaa la Biashara na Uchumi

                                   6 - Jukwaa la Elimu ( Education Forum )

Yes, matters pertaining to education can be discussed here Jukwaa la Elimu ( Education Forum )

                                  7 - Great Thinkers Forum

Are you really a great Thinkers, If YES the your fellow thinkers here Great Thinkers Forum

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                                 8 - Nafasi za Kazi na Tenda

Apart from AjiraAlerts, the most trusted Jobs Portal in Tanzania, through browsin this latest forum, you can also bump into some latest advertised vacancies. Read Nafasi za Kazi na Tenda

                                 9 - Jukwaa la Sheria

Would you like learn about legal matters, then this sub-forum suits you Jukwaa la Sheria

                                10- Kilimo, Ufugaji na Uvuvi

As you know farming is the new thing in this era according to Billionaire Strive Masiyiwa. Then you can learn something in this sub-forum. Access via Kilimo, Ufugaji na Uvuvi

Final Words.

In this Forum you can choice to be a member ( and be among the more than 500,000 members available ) and visit the forum a guest. But Joining the Forum won't really let you down.

Thank You !

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