[ Revealed ] 3 Simple Realistic Ways to Make Tsh 3,425,000 ( 1,556.81 USD ) Monthly in Dar es Salaam with Very Little or No Efforts Put Forth ( Ifahamu Njia Nyepesi ya Kupata Pesa, Hadi Milioni 3.4 Kwa Mwezi )

Yes, Money Money Money !!

I'm talking about Money, Cash !!

How to make money with simple capital we have or from nothing we possess ?

How to make money quickly and easily with no effort when we are broke - yes! broke to the moon ?

It's a thing that has led people into struggle after struggle.

Every person needs money to survive to the extent that without it life becomes more and more difficult. Miserable ..............!!!!

For some people who know how money are made ( as they already know  the secret behind money making ) everyday they keep the flowing from their set streams.

Yes, an average millionaire needs at least 6 streams of income to keep life running smoothly.

Now let me share with you what you can do to make up to Tsh. 2 Million Shillings a month.

Sounds crazy ?

May be !

                                   What's the Deal Now ?

Most salaried workers don't make this amount a month, so as we are heading to the end of the year it's better when everyone with very little income can fight to increase other streams to ensure life becomes smooth and easier.

Now can we truly make this amount a month by doing just simple casual hustles ?

Keep reading the well analysed  techniques below .

All successful businesses have Business Plans and so, the business of life also needs a business Plan to succeed - Act smarter now.

Can you see the irony yet ?

Let's meet them .......!!!

  1) Set Up a Retail Shop ( Accompanied by a Small Scale Poultry Farm )

Ooh, Yeah ! It's all about the commonly Mangi Shops all over the streets.

Got confused ?

Let me tell you how you can do it !

Math Time: When starting this kind of business you need to consider the strategic location that can earn you at least Tsh 70,000 per day !

And this is a very small amount ( the lowest estimations ever ) to be made in Dar es Salaam as you got the high chances of making more than that !

Now let's go ....!!

Assume you don't need to get directly involved in the business as you're not the type of the person to stay long at same place ( shop ) everyday - for years !

Rule of Thumb: In your shop, ensure that you employ a contract based worker that can help you take Tsh. 25,000 only  daily leaving the assumed other sales for re-stock, salary and emergency.


              1)  Tsh. 25,000^25 equals to Tsh 625, 000

              2) Add - Ons ?

 - This is a must: Start a layers project that will help boost your retail shop business with revenue. Instead of buying eggs from hawkers, you'll need to produce them to keep going.

By producing 200 eggs daily, you will stand a chance to earn up to Tsh 800,000 a month.

How is that ?

Math Time: For an estimation of 500 eggs sold at retail price of 200 shillings daily.

             1) 500 eggs ^ 200 equals to 100,000 Tanzania shillings.

       Monthy Income: Tsh 100,000^25 totals Tsh 2,500,000

Simple like that !!

( We are still updating this article with more and more curated contents than can you millions a month. Keep visiting and you'll learn a lot )

Sounds better ?

A winning strategy .............................!!!

How about owning either a commercial bike, hawking business, Simple Gym or a just car wash that can create a passive income for you ?

Take for Instance.

 For 2 Bikes - That can make Tanzania shillings 14,000 together.

And setting aside only 4,000 a day for an emergency fund.

Then, you have Tanzania shillings 10,000 as a saving.

Math Time: Monthly Income, Tsh 10,000^30 equals to Tsh 300,000

Total Arithmetic: 

                       1 - Tsh 625,000 ( Retail Shop )

                       2 - Tsh 2,500.000 ( Small Scale Poultry Farm ) 

                       3 - Tsh 300,000 ( Commercial Bike/ Car Wash/ Simple Gym )

 TOTAL AMOUNT: Tanzania Shillings 3,425,000

Got something to say ?!!

Patient .................................!!!

Let us know via the comment box below.

Our slogan keeps saying ?

Thank you.

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