UDOM SR Login System Forms to Fill ( The Smarter Way ) - University of Dodoma

UDOM is also the most most prestigious university in Tanzania located in the capital city of Dodoma.

Through the SR System you can Download UDOM SR the App, Log In and reset the UDOM SR Password Reset

University students are to use SR Login sytem to make their learning system easier at the university.

Access the SR Login system at UDOM SR System and ensure yo keep it  the smarter way.

What does the UDOM Aris Do ?

                                     1 - Students

Via this system, students can easily register and manage their courses online. Thanks to the digital edge era.

Students can also view course results and progress online.

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                                                   2 - UDSM Teaching Staff

How about them ?

Through this Aris the Teaching Staff can view courses online, publish courses online and view the list of students. They can also track students course progress and results online.

ACCESS THE UNIVERSITY OF DODOMA WEBSITE Here: University of Dodoma Admission

                                            The University of Dodoma

This Prestigious university is located at the capital center of Tanzania, Dodoma. It's the University that comprises of the following;

           1 - College of Humanities and Social Sciences

2 - College of Business Studies and Law

3 - College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences

4 - College of Health Sciences

5 - College of Earth Sciences

6 - College of Education

7 - College of Informatics and Virtual Education

The University conducts Research Projects and Consultancy to both Graduares and Undergraduates.

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