[ Must Read ] 6 Hot In-Demand Skills that When Learnt, You'll NEVER Be Broke Again ( Luckily They Can Be Learnt Online )

We live in a very changing world. And these changes have been happening around everybody.

Changes happen so fast in a way that we never imagined. Got a clue that most of the workers will be replaced by robots just in a near future !

Worried ?

No need to !!

Have a look at the following !

At AjiraAlerts, we have compiled a set of skills that will help earn some little bucks that will make your life moving.

The skills we're going share once learn't, they will make you bravely stand firm in this world of technology as they will pay you off to the extent unimaginable.

                                                SKILL 1.  Web Development

This generally evolves from coding.

Got a clue that "coding" is the most sought after skill ever today ?
It's a skill that has the less number of unemployed graduates. With Internet of Things ( IoT ), Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), Software as a Service ( SaaS ) anybody can easily the table and make it in life unlimited.

Some of the sites to start with are Lynda.comUdemySkillshare , Coursera and many more of your choice.

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                                               SKILL  2. Digital Marketing

The world of marketing is quickly getting social. With that every marketer needs to learn this promising and payable skill to stay relevant.

Social Media Optimization ( SMO ), Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and many more skills that involves marketing needs to be highly adopted by these people.

                                               SKILL 3. Coding ( Programming languages )

It's our hope you have lean't a thing or two about this above. What you need to do now, taking action!
Yes, that's where the real challenge is - Execution !
But when put into action, everything goes right as normal.

                                                SKILL 4. Graphic Design

Do you Know a thing about Canva infrographic or how to manipulate Adobe Photoshop, InDesign or whatever. Then these are very important skill to learn as they are the backbone of digital Marketing.

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                                                SKILL 5. Project Development and Management

Have you ever heard about this ?

All matters pertaining to Researches and Development. Monitoring and Evaluation ( M&E ).

This service has been a thought after skill nowadays. And if learn't everything will be better.

                                                 SKILL 6. Data Analytics

Social media campaigns involve data analysis i every single aspect. For Marketers, i't's very crucial.

Learn it, it's a skill never regret ever.

           Have we forgotten something to add up to ?

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          Happy Reading !

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