How to write a Good and Impressive Cover Letter that Your Prospective Employer Won't Ignore

Are you really a Smarter Job Seeker ?

If you're , then you must know how to write a great cover letter that will 'wow' your prospective boss !

However, writing such kinds of great cover letters may involve a very daunting task but as it's all known that writing impressive cover letters is really not easy sometimes.

Through learning, anybody can write a cover letter that will greatly be impressive  and hence being of help during Job hunting process because good cover letters tends to stand out amongst the rest.

Job offers tends to fall to smart applicants who mostly send their well detailed resumes together with their cover letters ( well written cover letters ).

By so saying, in this curated - detailed article , i'm going to share  well compiled useful tips that can you Job seekers draft a perfect cover letter ever.

A cover letter is that you can most of the times send during application together with your resume.

It's a letter that can make things possible or fall possible, it can lead you into being called for an interview or being ignored. It must thus with huge impact reflect what exactly is written in your mighty resume.

Yes, cover letters remain the first impression by your prospective employer, something that makes it a must.

During cover letter writing , you need to keep in mind that that there are commonly 3 types of cover letters to consider !

                                                What are they ?

                                        Take a look at them below !

1- An Application Letter.

Yes, Seen a Job advert at AjiraAlerts or anywhere and you think you can apply ?

Then what to do before responding ?

Off course, drafting an application letter is a must.

Learn how to write a good application letter via the link below !

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There lies a great difference between the 2 ( Application letter and a Cover letter )

2-  Networking Letter

This is another kind of cover letter,  that's all about asking for an assistance from someone during Job seeking when  you know nothing about the Job and company.

Considering the above perspectives, you can see how it differs from the first one.

3- Prospecting Letter

In this case, it's when you don't know the Job you want to apply then you will need to write the cover letter that will inquire about it.

Got the concept ?

It's my hope, you do it.

   How to write a Good and Impressive Cover Letter that can be impressive to your employer ?

Mentioned below are the overall tips one needs to consider to draft a perfect cover letter step by step and turn the whole process a success.

                                                 What to consider ?

                                                 Just simple but killer tips.

1- Decide which type of Cover Letter Suits Your Need.

As we have seen above, there different types of cover letters as per any requirement. Consider the Job application before drafting the format.

2- Consider the Cover Letter Format

Try to write a cover letter in a format that is commonly known in your planned industry . Arranging your contents in the right position of your letter and presenting it in a style that is very important to consider.

This is applicable whether when a cover letter is sent via hard copy or emails ( electronically ).

3- Learn from other well drafted Cover Letters

Yes, try not to invent the wheel.
Just try to Google and check them out.

You can see some other beautiful cover letter templates all over the internet . When you see any that you serves you well, then you are free to use design your own format.

4- Cover Letter Templates

Custom cover letter templates are worthy and less  time consuming . Draft and make them in your own ways.

5- Keywords Inclusion in the Cover Letter

Ensure you include right keywords that are in the cover letter but that are well detailed in your Job descriptions , we have seen how important it is for any Job offer.

6- Personalise Your Cover Letter

Applying for a position that a company manager or HR who knows you ?
Then in this case, you can include her or his name . This will help create an emotionally personal attachment and improve the chances of being selected or called for an interview.

7- Delivery Method ( Manual/ Offline or Online/Electronically )

Here you need to follow the procedures as per Job descriptions. Remember to attach the required cover letter before forwarding them to the employer . Electronic delivery ways are via Ms Word or Adobe Files

8- Cover Letter Addresses are very Important

Know about the the address your letter needs to be sent to ?

Yes, write it on your mighty letter.

9- Most Importantly, a Resume must be sent together with your well detailed cover letter.


Create an attachment and send as per your delivery method of your choice.
All the important details must be included.

Follow the process, let your resume stand out amongst the rest, be shortlisted and receive  your Job offer. Deal Done !!

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