How to Make Money while Creating Jobs in the Tanzania's Music Industry Ecosystem ( Utajiri wa Harmonize, Kondeboy The Case Study )

Want to make money - really earning money and become rich and live the lives of your dreams ?

I think you replied yes, that's why you are here . Simple ...............!!!

Earning money now days has been as easy as just clicking the mouse.

You can make a lot of money very quickly ( in no time ) if you follow the desired strategies required.

Really,  Hit songs can be worth more than gold.

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Want to prove it, give it try by jumping into the bandwagon !

There numerous ways independent artists and record labels has been using to promote or stream their songs and sell. And they have become global hits !

Some of the streaming services are offered by:

1 - Spotify

2 - Apple Music

3- Google Play

4 - My Space

5 - Tidal

6 - Pandora

7 - X Box

8 - Sound Cloud

9 - iHeartRadio

10 - MixCloud

11 - 8tracks

12 - TuneIn

13 - Deezer

14 - Slacker Radio

15 - BoomPlay

On the other hand, Artists/ Musicians have been making via endorsements, Live shows and on YouTube.

Case Study: How worth is Harmonize ( Utajiri wa Harmonize 2019/2020 )

Photo: Yemi Alade & Harmonize

This is one of the seemingly rich musician in Tanzania right now. He has made money via various streams after joining the WCB Wasafi crew back in 2014.

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Recently, The heart-rob musician has paid has paid a total of 500M to end his contract with the WCB Wasafi Crew and start building his own empire, Konde Music Worldwide, popularly known as Kondegang.

That seems like, the artist is worth more than 500M.

On the other hand, Harmonize also owns fancy cars, houses in Dar es Salaam and a recording studio.

The MP to be Musician is working hard to keep going as he is still releasing hits songs that sell like crazy.

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We will keep updating everything about him, as he is acting as a an inspiration to the young talents in Tanzania and beyond.

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