[ UniLife ] Proven Set of Criteria Every Student Should Consider Before Buying a New Laptop for Campus Use ( Laptop Nzuri kwa Matumizi ya Chuo )

It's my greatest hope that you're in a very great need of possessing a new device. And for sure, you just don't need a device, but the best device of your choice that can make your studies smooth in campus - not that can let you fall into the hole of frustration.

What are the best devices recommended for everyone to consider before deciding to buy a new perfect ( good ) device, especially laptop for campus use !

Got a concept ?

It's my hope that we're together with this as no sane shopper needs to get tricked in shady deals and loose his/her hard earned money. 

Yes, It;s not bad to have a smart bargain when in need of buying your needs.

Now as we're heading to the end of this year; It's better "WE" as AjiraAlerts keep you so smart that, you can well be informed with the decisions you need to make when it comes to buying new devices.

For Instance, Are you a College or University Prospect or just Freelancer doing micro works online and you would like to have a good Laptop for use at a very reasonable price ?

After making a decision that you need a Laptop for your tasks, then you need to ask yourselves some of the following questions !

        1 - What's the nature of your tasks online ?

        2 - What's your budget ?

        3 - What are you planning to save in your prospect Laptop ?

After that; Then you have to consider for a  next stage !

Getting this smart will help you buy a Laptop that suits you better and make you feel the overwhelmingly wonderful experience ever.

We know for sure how electronic devices are - especially when it comes to spending your hard earned money to buy  PCs that doesn't fulfill your tasks.

Since AjiraAlerts cares a lot about you, with all the required information. We have researched and come up with the specifications that you have to consider to ensure that, it helps you learn smoothly.

                   Read the Following Effective Guide Below.

Unarguably, University students tend to store PowerPoint Presentations, Lecture Notes, Lecture Videos (  mostly used by medical students ) and also perform simple typing tasks like quizzes, coursework, internet browsing, listening to musics online, assignments and sending emails, relaxing by browsing movies online ( let's say on Netflix, then a Laptop with a reasonable memory size is recommended.

With such simple tasks, we recommend you buy a Laptop with the following specifications:
( Important specifications to consider )

1 - Processor

2- RAM

3- Screen Display

4- Hard Disk or SSD 

5 - Webcam

Other Specifications are: Device Generation, Numbers stated on a Processor.

What do all these Specifications mean ?

Let's analyse them in details below:

                                                      1 - Processor

Here, you have to consider at least a Laptop with Pentium or Core i3 and above. These kind of Laptops are highly recommended for simple tasks.

                                                     2 -  Random Access Memory ( RAM )

A Laptop with at least 4GB and above is recommendable. Thought different, re-consider your decision.

                                                     3 - Hard Disk or SSD

Buy the Laptop with at least 500GB or above. Modern Laptops come with SSD which are more powerful than Hard Disks. A laptop with 128 GB SSD can be as powerful and speedy as a Laptop with 1 TB!!!!

Notably, Sometimes Hard Discs ( HDD ) can be removed and replaced with SSD when in need. You re choice matters !

                                                     4- Screen Display

With Screen Display, consider the laptop with at least 15.6" or little less.
Nobody needs  a very slim screen display. That's why considering at least a device with 1366"^768" ( On Average ) or with FULL HD; That's 1920"^1080 is highly recommended.

                                                       5 - Device Generation

Try the second generation and above. Laptop with first generation are not recommended.

                                                      Additional Details.

  • Common Laptop BRANDS are HP, DELL. LENOVO, ACER, GATEWAY, MacBook Air etc.
  • Toshiba Brands are not recommended.
  • HP Brands can sometimes cost more than other brands ( save MacBook Air ) due to brand popularity. An HP Pentium Laptop can be sold the same to a better i3 Laptop.
  • Mini Laptops are not recommended.
  • Laptops with Celeron Processors are not recommended.

Luckily, i3 processors perform hyper threading since they have dual core. They also function as quad core

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They are always used, brand new and factory  refurbished laptops. Everyone costs a different price.
Used devices cost less, followed by factory refurbished ones

Now you know !!

Happy shopping !

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