[ GRANTS ] Top 10 Worldclass Universities from The United States That Easily Offer Scholarships to International Students 2020

It's now the 2020 and every smart people finds the means to make the best version of him/self, whether furthering studies abroad, earning more money or doing anything of important to make the world a better place.

Studying abroad is one of the most adventurous unimaginable journey you can experience that's why it has always been a dream to many.

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Despite quality education being that important to all of us, but most of prospectus students are faced with with lack of Funding, especially when it comes to studying in these developed countries.

Now knowing that, we have compiled these Universities that can make your DREAM come TRUE as a foreign student.

Let's go !!!!

                                       1- The University of Maine

This is one of the Universities offering scholarships to foreign students. Most students applying for this golden chance have been selected and are enjoying their dreams abroad.

Want to get selected ?

Try your luck by applying via University of Maine

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                               2 - The University of Arizona State  ( South East )

Here comes another University that may also be of your choice. This University provides Scholarships to International students like you to purse your Degree as a foreign student.

In case you would like to have your dream come true, don't hesitate to apply via  Arizona State University

                                3 - Chicago State University

When it comes to Scholarships, Chicago University is no where to be left behind as it has been providing the service for so long. Beneficiaries have always been foreign students like you - If you take a step now a apply.

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Yes, give it a try now by applying via University of Chicago.

                                4 - The University of Oregon

The University of Oregon also provides Scholarships to International students. You can try your luck now by applying to get admitted via Oregon University

                               5 - The American University of Washington DC

This is another University that provides this kind of Scholarships you can really be sure of securing. For you to get funded ensure you apply via the link Washington State University

                               6 - George Washington University

George Washington University also blesses foreign students with funds to pursue their dreams. Apply the funds via the link Washington State University

                               7- University of Houston ( Victoria )

Ready to know any other University ?

Try applying at Houston University via the Link Houston University

                               8 - University of Illinois Springfield

This University also offers this kind of grants to international students. Give it a try by applying via

Illinois University

                              9 - The East Tennessee State University

Lastly. The University of Tennessee State also provides scholarships that you don't need to miss.

Apply now via the link East Tenessee State University

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                               10 - University of Indiana

Got to hear about this ?

Now to get really funded apply via Indiana University

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