How to Fill The Aris UDSM and What it Can Do ( Aris UDSM Timetable Sample Included )

Aris UDSM is an Academic Registration Information System that holds all the information related to students at the most prestigious University of Dar es Salaam.

It's a system that helps both  students and staff at the uni manage their tasks online.

What to expect ?

                                                       1 - Students

Via this system, students can easily register and manage their courses online. Thanks to the digital edge era.

Students can also view course results and progress online.

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                                                   2 - UDSM Teaching Staff

How about them ?

Through this Aris the Teaching Staff can view courses online, publish courses online and view the list of students. They can also track students course progress and results online.

Final Words

Through Aris system users can also manage Accommodation, payments and degree configuration.

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Aris UDSM System can easily be accessed via the Link Aris UDSM Login

Once again, Aris UDSM System can easily be accessed via the Link Aris UDSM Login

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Also consider the Aris UDSM Timetable 2019/2020

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