Top 11 Tanzania's Trustworthy Daily Newspapers ( Tabloids ) You can Read ( With Mwananchi Papers Leading The Way )

Would you like to know exactly what's happening in Tanzania or across the globe or even the people in the news !!

What kind of news are you in interest in from the most popular tabloid or broadsheets in Tanzania ?

Hard news, Gossip Gists, Economics, Sports, Wrestling or whatever you name it .

Mwananchi Tabloid, Mtanzania Magazine, The Citizen, MwanaSpoti, Championi, Tanzanite, Tanzania Daima, Uhuru, The East Africa or  The Government-owned Daily News and Habari Leo are all the tabloid mostly read everyday in Tanzania.

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Then what kind of magazines outshines the rest ?

Do you think readers do care a lot about the content !!

Let's evaluate them in details below one after the other .

1- The Citizen

This is the Tanzania's most read daily English newspaper with the slogan "It's the content that counts"

The Citizen has been published in Tanzania for so long that it has accumulated a great trust amongst many across various prestigious corridors.

With contents ranging from Politics, Economics, Entertainment, Sports and Social based gender issues, It's a trustworthy magazine to many.

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The Citizen is available both in printed and online via the address The Citizen

2 - Mwananchi

Yes, This is the Swahili version paper published by Mwananchi Communications Limited, a subsidiary of a Kenya's based company Nation Media Group.
This is the most read Swahili paper available both online in printed form.
It's a paper that outsells other magazines by a huge margin to the moment.

This paper can easily be accessed via Mwananchi

3 - Mtanzania

This also is a right tabloid you can read that covers almost everything from Sports, Politics, Economics, Entertainment and much more.

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You can access this daily tabloid via the Link Mtanzania

4 - Jamhuri 

Jamhuri is doing an investigative journalism, something that ain't easy. Printed and distributed by Jamhuri Media. It's a weekly tabloid to look up to.
It's full of all the contents you would like to read that can never be written anywhere.
Access it via Jamhuri and it's printed in Swahili language.

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5 - The East African

The East African favorite newspaper you can read published in Kenya. It contains news across the East African Region ( Mostly Tanzania, United Republic, Uganda, Kenya ) adding on are other news across the globe.
Contents range from all aspects ( from Business, Regional Politics, Entertainment, Sports and much more ) that can richly feed your minds.
You can easily access this paper via The East African

Happy understanding the region.

6 - Daily News

This is owned by the Tanzania Government and it publishes articles that are pro Government especially the fifth phase Government under John Magufuli  who is nicknamed "The Bulldozer"

Read more via the Link Daily News

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7 - Sunday News

This is also Tanzania's Government - owned , that are weekly published. Sunday to be precise.
Do you need to know what the Government is doing, then get your weekly copy of this paper.
It's printed under Tanzania Standard News ( TSN )

More of this paper can be read via the Link Sunday News

8 - Nipashe

Owned by IPP Media, a media conglomerate founded by the Late Reginald Mengi. It's a daily tabloid you can access everyday.

Go get your copy. More of the news can also be accessed via Nipashe NewsPapers

9 - The Guardian

Printed in English language, the newspaper is also owned by IPP Media. This tabloid can be accessed via the Link The Guardian

10 - MwanaSpoti

This is published by Mwananchi Communications Limited. It only publishes contents about Sports.
You can all the details about sports there, including Simba Sports Club, Yanga ( Dar es Salaam Young Africans ), Azam FC and many more in a Premier League.

Read the papaer via MwanaSpoti

11- Tanzania Daima

Get to know a lot about the other side of the Government, especially when it comes to critics ?

Then Tanzania Daima is the tabloid to digest.

It's a paper that's owned by the Opposition party CHADEMA Chairman Freeman Mbowe and printed by FreeMedia Limited.

Acccess it via the Link Tanzania Daima

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Thank you for reading.

Happy Reading.

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